What Men Secretly Want Review

Hey Ladies, thanks so much for stopping by to check out my ‘What Men Secretly Want Review’. Anywho – I’ll cut straight to the chase and answer the question on everybody’s mind: Let’s take a look at ‘What Men Secretly Want’ about? (I got it so I can show you!) >>> Buy What Men Secretly […]

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Tips For Dating An Older Man!

Tips For Dating An Older Man! Love knows no boundaries! Age, race, ethnicity, cultural background and financial status do not really matter when as long there is understanding and willingness to make compromises. Sure, every relationship is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. So here are some tried and tested tips for […]

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What is Love: 5 Facts You May Not Know

I’m going to start off this post with 3 simple questions: What is love? What is romantic love? Why do people fall in love? Biologically, love is a powerful condition like hunger or thirst. Falling in love causes our body to release a flood of chemicals that trigger specific physical reactions. When two people fall […]

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Dating Two Guys – Pros and Cons!

A question I’ve been asked about recently is how to go about dating two guys at the same time. Well….Not everybody may agree with me on this – but when you’re REALLY looking to meet Mr. Right, and no longer just screwing around, there’s no point spending too much time and energy on just one […]

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What Makes a Relationship More Likely to Last

Dan Savage, a popular sex advice columnist and author, often reminds his audience that every relationship fails until one doesn’t. The topic we want to talk about today is what makes one relationship more likely to last over another. What are the pillars of a strong relationship, and how can people who are just starting […]

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Dating Profile Examples For Women

Instead of actually giving you real examples of Dating Profile Examples For Women, I’m going to tell you how to make your OWN profile *pop* and stand out! Trust me –  this stuff works 🙂 We use the internet for everything from ordering food to seeking jobs and even finding love! Check out these tips […]

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5 Dating Rules For Women!

Ideally, there should NOT be any dating rules for women OR men. Nothing beats spontaneous fun! However, many women (and men) have a skewed understanding of love and relationships due to false social conditioning. Also, if you want to grow as a person and get better at attracting men, you need some sort of starting […]

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