8 Signs He May Be Cheating On You!

8 Signs He May Be Cheating On You

“What are Some Signs He May Be Cheating On You?” This is always a tough one to talk about, but it’s also one of the most common questions I get.

If a man cheats on you once and gets away with it, it is almost certain that he’ll do it again. Unless you are OK with being in such a relationship, you should probably dump him immediately – but only after making sure that your suspicions are 100% true.

Here are 8 signs that he is cheating on you. Now, understand that None of these signs by themselves is a definitely indicator that he’s cheating on you – BUT – but if you notice a combination of these, you might want to do a google search for a local private investigator.

What Are The Signs He May Be Cheating On You?

Signs He May Be Cheating

1) He is on his phone more than usual:

It could just be that he’s doing something work related or chatting with his buddies. But then, you can tell when a guy is working – he has a serious expression on his face and his body language is somewhat tense. On the contrary, when a guy is chatting with a girl – his body language is loose and he is smiling or smirking. When he is chatting with guy friends, there is no urgency to reply.

2) He refuses to let you see his phone:

He has locked it down and isn’t letting you open it even though you just want to see that selfie he took of both of you. If you do manage do somehow unlock his phone or look at it when it’s not locked – he snatches it away from you and gets furious at you. This kind of behavior strongly indicates that he has something to hide from you – usually something bad. However, there could be the very slim chance that he is planning a secret party for your anniversary and doesn’t want to spoil the surprise.

3) He goes out a lot more than usual:

If he’s your boyfriend, he should be going out with you. Even if he’s saying that he’s just hanging out with friends, he should have no problems taking you along. If he resists your attempts to join him and if this happens more than once – something’s wrong. You should have somebody follow him or do it yourself. This seems a bit too extreme or Hollywood-inspired but it’s the only sure fire way to catch him red handed or to quell your doubts.

4) He’s been working late a lot:

This is the classical excuse of men who cheat. While it is possible that he is truly busy at work – there is a high probability that he’s cheating if you notice this behavior in conjunction with the other signs mentioned here. Ask his colleagues if there is really some important project going on at work. Or show up at work with the excuse that you were passing by and thought of bringing him a coffee. If he really is working – he’ll be a bit surprised initially but will appreciate the gesture. If he’s not at work, well he better come up with some fantastic excuse!

5) He’s paying unusually high attention to his style and grooming:

Being his wife or girlfriend, you know how long he keeps his hair, how often he shaves and the kind of clothes he wears. If he has been dressing exceptionally sharply lately, who exactly is he trying to impress?

6) He hasn’t updated his relationship status to Say that you two are officially dating:

If he hasn’t updated his relationship status on Facebook and other social networking sites – you have some food for thought. There are two scenarios here – either he is not really active on social media or he doesn’t want others to know that he’s dating you. If he is otherwise quite active on social media but hasn’t updated his status – it could be the latter! You could try suggesting him to update his status – if he doesn’t agree or gives some lame excuse, be on the lookout for other signs. Is he following a lot of other girls on FB? Does he tell you to refrain from posting on his timeline?

7) He doesn’t want you to post pictures of both of you online:

Either he wants to keep inquisitive aunts out of your relationship or he is hiding you from his world. Guys who are proud of their girlfriends can’t wait to show them off to the world. Is he proud of you?

8) He avoids getting physical with you:

Usually, even if a guy is cheating on a woman – he continues having sex with her. If he stops having sex with her, it could mean that he is becoming deeply emotionally involved in the other woman and doesn’t want to cheat on her by sleeping with his wife/girlfriend!

Remember, be 100% sure before jumping to conclusions and making decisions.