Dating Tips For Women

Dating Tips for Women

Do you spend your Saturday evenings watching Netflix and gorging on pizza? Well, regardless of whether you’ve been single for a while or you are just out of a relationship, these dating tips for women will make you totally irresistible to men!

Check out my top 5 Dating Tips For Women

1) Get on Tinder:

Meet Guys on Tinder

Well, nothing beats tinder for convenience and fun. Who doesn’t like to check out men and decide whether they’re hot or not?

Tinder might not be the most romantic way to hook up with a guy – however, it has many things going for it.

  • For starters, it only lets men text you after you have matched. This means that no more creepy messages from weirdos!
  • Also, it is an excellent way to interact with a large number of guys without spending too much time.

It is like speed dating – only less awkward!

Tinder is an excellent avenue for taking the plunge into the online dating world. It’s far better than turning down guys at the bar who had to down a couple of double whiskeys to muster up the courage to come and talk to you. It is also way more rewarding than hoping that prince charming will sweep you off your feet at some random place!

If you want to be successful on tinder, start by uploading breath taking pics of yourself – the mirror selfie in the ladies room and the selfie with the pouted lips (Aka Duck Face) is just too ‘universal’ to get you any real attention. Upload pics that showcase your personality, interests and hobbies (animals, nature, activity, travel, music, sports…you get the idea). Also, smile in your photos – it makes you one hundred times more likable and approachable. Your tinder profile should contain a short but catchy bio – do not make it too long, you are not writing an autobiography.

Tinder is great because if you remain even moderately active on it – you can easily get 3 to 4 dates per week. This keeps you alert and in the playing field. Most importantly, it boosts your confidence around men and prevents you from becoming lonely, depressed, insecure and needy.

Note: If there is no tinder where you live, look for something similar or a high quality dating website.

2) Learn to Flirt:

Learn to Flirt with Men

Nobody really teaches people how to flirt. We’re just expected to figure it out all on our own. So let us demystify this abstract concept of flirting.

Simply put – flirting means playful banter with a slightly sexual undertone!

When you challenge and tease a guy in a cute, fun & non-confrontational manner – it shows him that you’re confident and totally comfortable around guys. It also tells him that you are a high value, non-needy alpha female who gets lots of attention from other high value men.

Last but not the least, flirting injects some chemistry to the conversation. If you want guys to like you and fall in love with you, your interactions with them need to be emotionally charged. If you do not know how to flirt, your conversations will come across as listless, platonic and boring.

When you flirt with a guy, it instantly puts you on his radar and he begins to perceive you as a potential mate.

Practice flirting with guys over the phone, while texting and in real life situations.

Here is a crash course on flirting to get you started with flirting:

  1. Look into men’s eyes but do not stare; make sure that it is a soft, warm gaze.
  2. While shaking hands, hold on to his hands for just a second longer while smiling at him.
  3. Make physical contact – punch or pat him lightly on the arm or shoulder, touch his back, take his arm, adjust his tie.
  4. Compliment guys – tell them that they have a nice shirt or that they smell great.
  5. Lean into guys so that your face is about six to eight inches away from theirs – then smile and pull back.
  6. Play a little hard to get – do not go too overboard.
  7. Have fun with the interaction and just be loose.

You may have been told that men like the chase and hence you must act disinterested. However, research has revealed that men are actually more attracted to women who are warm and responsive. So guess what; you don’t have to wait for a few hours before you respond to text messages!

3) Get good at approaching guys and starting conversations:

How to Approach Guys

Almost all women get sick at the thought of approaching a cute guy. They are literally terrified of talking to new people. Also, women have this totally ridiculous misconception that it is the guy’s job to approach and that if they make the first move – they are coming across as crass, cheap and ‘easy’.

Well, waiting, hoping and praying that a guy notices and walks up to you totally sucks. The waiting game is for losers. If you want to be successful at dating, you have to learn to take the initiative.

This becomes much, much easier if you get over your fear of being judged and getting rejected. Understand that there is no such thing as getting rejected. In fact, if you approach a guy and get blown off – you should be thankful that the guy did not waste your time by playing nice.

When you approach a guy – you don’t necessarily have to confess that you like him or find him attractive. You can use a situational opener:

  • If you’re at a mall, ask him to help you select clothes/accessories or ask him whether he likes your perfume.
  • If you’re on a busy street, ask guys for a good place to eat or hang out or for interesting things to do in that part of town.
  • In bars and nightclubs, you can get away with saying something as simple as ‘this place is crazy’ or ‘this place totally rocks’. Guys are usually quick to take the lead and you really do not have to do much once you have started the conversation.

If you’re even moderately good at flirting – it’s game on.

From there, it is up to you to decide whether you actually like the guy and would like to continue seeing him. Situational openers are virtually rejection proof – you begin with a neutral approach, then you test the waters by flirting a bit.

If you guys have chemistry – you go for a short instant date or exchange numbers. If the guy is cold or if you two aren’t compatible, you simply move on to the next person!

The first few times might feel awkward but it will become  second nature after a few approaches and you’ll actually begin to enjoy the thrill of interacting with total strangers. Few other things in life are as satisfying and liberating as being able to express yourself freely.

If you’re too afraid to talk to cute guys, you can begin by talking to other women and work your way up from there. You will become a different person once you learn cold approach – it will give you bullet proof confidence.

4) Ask your close friends to hook you up:

Your friends know and understand you. They have your best interests at heart – so let them play match maker. However, don’t opt for blind dates – they are too formal. Instead, have your friends invite both you and the guy for a party or to a bar, park, café, club or restaurant. If you like the guy, flirt with him and see if he flirts back. If you don’t like him, you can still have a good time with your friend/s and hopefully meet-up with other guys at the venue.

5) Get a life:

This is your life and you are the protagonist of your story. Don’t try to land a supporting role in some other person’s story. Focus on the things and the people that make you happy; follow your dreams and passions.

Live life with the zeal of an evangelist – be open to change; work hard to achieve your goals.

Try to become the best version of yourself. Many women have no personal ambitions and hence they have no life. Even if such women manage to attract a guy, they often drive him away by obsessing over him.

Instead of focusing solely on getting a boyfriend or husband – concentrate to creating a productive and fulfilling lifestyle. Become the woman that men want to be with instead of clinging on to them and manipulating them to love a mediocre version of yourself.  Also, don’t forget; Look your best at all times!

6) My FINAL Dating Tips for Women:

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