Dirty Text Messages To Send To A Guy!

Dirty Text Messages to send to a guy

Dirty Text Messages To Send To A Guy!

Admit it, the banner above made you laugh, it’s dirty, it’s a guy…get it?…Nevermind! LOL

Anyways, you’re here because you want Dirty Text Messages To Send To A Guy? Well good news, I have just the thing for you! 🙂

Dirty text messages accomplish a host of positive purposes – they make the man long for you and want you, they show him that you are confident about sex – trust me on this – guys are in awe of women who initiate sex, they can’t get ENOUGH of it!

Sexy texts keep his mind on you even when he’s far away. They prevent him from thinking about other women. Sexting is awesome – if you’re not doing it you’re missing out on some very naughty fun.

To be honest – generally, I’m NOT a fan of learning lines and copying texts from the web. Still, I have listed some dirty text message ideas below. Hopefully, they will inspire you to unleash your wild side.

1) Had a busy day at work, could use a back rub…especially my lower back.

This message is not overly obvious. You can even send it to a friend.

It doesn’t come across at overly sexual or out of context. It can be sent as a reply to how are you? or how was your day?

Since it is not obvious – it really gets the guys thinking.

They begin to consider whether you are inviting them to give you a back massage or you are simply stating the fact that you’d enjoy one in a spa.

If they come back with something like – I could come over and give you a back rub, you have two options:

  1. You can either blow them off or you could actually say something like – OK, but not today….maybe some other time. I have to meet a friend now. This gets them excited and trust me – they can’t  wait to find out when you are free for a back rub. It also makes them jealous since you are ignoring them and going to meet somebody else.
  2. Or you could simply say yes and have them come over. 😉

2) I’ve planned a sexy surprise for you!

This text causes their mind to go over a plethora of sexual situations involving you. It also piques their curiosity and builds anticipation. They will probably reply with something like – tell me about it or at least give me a clue. Don’t be surprised if your man arrives home earlier than usual that day!

3) What’s your favorite sex position?

He will probably say something like doggy or missionary or cowgirl or some other common position. You can then tease him a little bit saying – oh that’s so predictable! I was hoping for something a bit more adventurous. He will then ask you your favorite position – reply with – you will never find out! or it’s a secret or just tell him!

4) What’s your favorite type of kiss: Italian, French or Australian?

Well, you probably know what a French kiss is. You should not be here if you don’t. An Italian kiss is a French kiss with some finger action down below. An Australian kiss is like a French kiss – the only difference is that the kiss is ‘down under’.  😉

5) Build up the conversation and then don’t reply immediately.

Feel free to break off at crucial moments such as if he asks – should I come over right now?

Reply after an hour or two unless you do want him to come over immediately. When you stop replying suddenly – it drives men crazy.

You can think up of an excuse when you reconnect with him later….say something like – my mom called or that I had guests etc. However, don’t give him blue balls at all times. He’ll get a bit frustrated with you.

Text him something sexy like – is your little friend missing me? He will feel a bit offended that you think his package is little. You can say that you meant ‘little’ in comparison to his entire body! If you play your cards right – you can even coax him to send you a picture of his soldier. You can then decide if you actually want to see him another time. I know this one is a bit crazy. Try it with a ‘neutral’ guy and see if it works for you.

6) What unusual places have you had sex at? Which one did you enjoy the most?

This one’s obvious, but believe it or not it REALLY works at getting the guys mind…churning!

7) I want you to put your ____ into my ____! Please fill in the blanks!

Again, another obvious one – powerful BUT only make sure you use it if you plan on…. 😉

8) What would you do to me if you were here right now?

This will really get him started. He will describe a lot of things in juicy detail.

Now go find your phone!