Does He Really Love Me?

“Does He Really Love Me?” You Ask? Here’s how you can tell!

OK, so you are seeing this guy – he is caring, mature and most importantly, he’s freakin’ hot and makes you weak in the knees! However, he hasn’t (yet?) professed his love for you and that’s kindaaaaaaaa driving you crazy… So crazy that you have finally turned to the internet to find out the answer (LOL)! Ahem…

The Top 3 Signs to Tell if He’s Interested

So, if you find yourself asking the question “does he love me?” –  here are some signs that he has some feelings beginning to develop.

Does He Really Love Me?

He Posts Photos on Facebook

When a guy (or even a girl for that matter) shares such photos on social media, he/she is essentially inviting a barrage of questions (who is she? She is pretty…you should marry) from overly curious friends and relatives (including obnoxious aunties). So if he still does it, it means that he has no qualms about accepting that you two are dating, which almost translates to him loving you.

He’s Not Afraid to Touch you in Public

Most guys have absolutely no problem touching women in private. However, often, they are hesitant to hold a woman’s hand in public or to put their arm around her – especially if they do not consider her to be their girlfriend.

Do not take this one too literally, just because a guy holds your hand in public does not mean that he wants to marry you. However, if he is reluctant to do so – you have something to think about.

He isn’t Afraid of Introducing You to Family & Friends

If a guy does not want you to meet his friends and relatives – he is not really into you and probably does not plan to stick around for long.

Understand that men are terrified of commitment and so if he is letting you enter his social circle, it means that he is thinking about committing and making it official (at least on a subconscious level). Hint: If you get invited to his friend’s weddings or birthday parties, things are looking pretty good for you.

The Best 3 Clues to Know He’s Invested

Now that you know he’s interested in you, how do you know he’s really invested in your relationship? The following three indications are great ways to know he’s not planning on going anywhere.

He Wants to Learn More about You

A man who has no plans of being in your life for long is not interested in finding out more about you. He probably just wants to have sex and then go back to drinking beer with his friends. However, if a man takes time to learn about your past, your future, your likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests, friends etc. it means that he is at least thinking about a long term relationship.

He Takes the Initiative

The nature of the dates is really important. When a guy loves a woman, he endeavors to create memorable experiences with her.

He craves to spend quality time with her. He takes her on romantic drives; he does things for her that he knows she likes; he requests the DJ to play her favorite song; he invites her to dinner at a classy restaurant or makes dinner for her himself.

He Respects You

A man who loves you will encourage you to follow your dreams. He will make sacrifices and compromises for you – I mean, he will even let you handle the TV remote! If a man is demonstrating that level of understanding and respect, it clearly means that he totally adores you.

The 3 Indicators That Tell You if it’s Love

With your relationship moving away from a crush and into love, it’s time to figure out if he loves you. Take these clues into account when trying to decide if it really is love.

When He Talks about the Future, You’re Included

Does he joke about having kids with you? Does he dream about going to exotic destinations with you and growing old with you? All these little things mean that in his mind, he has already accepted you as his life partner. Now it is your job not to ruin it all by obsessing over him and driving him away.

He Tries to Help you Solve your Problems

Women have a solution for every problem in the world. They are hardwired to ‘fix’ everything in their man’s life (even if it is not really broken).

Well, men (being much inferior intellectually and emotionally lol) do not have the celestial ability to solve all problems. Their abilities are usually limited to trivial matters such as changing flat tires and light bulbs. However, the fact that your man is even trying to help you is so sweet and endearing; it shows how much he cares about you.

He Apologizes

Relationships are not always smooth sailing – every relationship goes through rough patches. All couples fight and argue. However, when a guy screws up and is ready to apologize, it means that he places you and the relationship above his legendary male ego!

Ideally, men should be the ones wondering whether you love them or not – not the other way round. Spend some time on this website – read and implement the life transforming relationship advice that is available here for free and you will become a woman who men beg to marry them!

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