How To Get A Guy To Like You – Do This And He’s Yours!

How to get a guy to like you

Want to know how to get a guy to like you?

So you want to know how to get a guy to like you? Well you’re in the right place – follow my 8 proven steps and you’ve got a much better chance of winning his affection!

1) Look Great:

Women choose men based primarily on personality and other character traits such as confidence, social status etc. Looks do matter to women but not as much as they matter to men. For men, looks are very important – personality comes second.

Thankfully, good looks are subjective and different men like women with different body types. Some men like petite, girly girls while others like big women. No matter what your body type is – there will always long line of men who are specifically into you!

Don’t fret over things that you cannot control. Research indicates that men prefer healthy women who can give birth to healthy babies. So hit the gym, buy some stylish clothes and get a brand-new hairstyle. Dress in a way that accentuates your positive traits.

2) Feel Great:

As a woman, you yield an incredible power over all men. Even the most successful and influential men on this earth cannot resist a charming, smiling woman.

Unfortunately, most girls are totally oblivious to the fact that they disarm men and make them go weak in the knees just by flashing a smile. This is because they are caught up in their head – they are always dwelling upon their insecurities and flaws. If you want to get good at making men like you.

You have to learn to like yourself first.

You have to feel sexy and happy.

You must feel good in your own skin!

Otherwise, you’ll act needy and desperate around men and they will find you less attractive.

3) Stop wanting to make men like you so much!

I know this seems totally contradictory to what you want to achieve. However, when you become result oriented – you forget to enjoy the process of interacting with men.

You become reactive and lose your frame of reality.

Of course, you can learn various tricks and techniques to trigger a certain type of response from men. However, I assume that ultimately, you want to be able to attract men with your natural vibe.

4) Create a fun, fulfilling and exciting lifestyle:

It is very hard not to like a happy girl! Pursue an interesting hobby, travel the world, go dancing, ride horses, play with puppies, party – do whatever makes you smile. You should be in control of your emotions.

Once, you become emotionally independent, you will be able to act normally and rationally around cute guys – you won’t freak out and conversation will flow smoothly. There will be no awkwardness and neediness. Understand that it is very hard to attract men when you NEED them.

It’s perfectly OK if you WANT a man – but when you begin to NEED him, it just kills the attraction between you two. This is especially true during the initial phase of the interaction.

5) Learn to flirt like a lady:

Here is a crash course on flirting – smile, touch, tease, complement, don’t comply fully, be hard to get!

  1. Smiling lets him know that you are interested.
  2. Touching makes him feel good by activating the reward signals in his brain.
  3. Give him a hug, a kiss on the cheek or pat or a light slap on the arm.
  4. Don’t put him on a pedestal – tease him a bit about his insecurities.

He’ll likely try to win your approval or tease back. Mix things up by complementing him for something that he has striven hard to achieve.

Don’t just say that he has beautiful eyes – I mean, it is ok to say that too.

However, understand that he did nothing to choose his eye-color. He hasn’t worked for it. He just got lucky.

Your complement will be much more meaningful to him if you say something like – you look super fit – I love your discipline and dedication. Men (and women too) always seek to get others to comply to their requests, demands, thoughts and actions. When you don’t comply – you’re making him chase you more and invest in the interaction. Being hard to get makes you high value and attractive!

6) You were born with a brain, use it:

If you are the type of woman who has nothing to say except bitch about celebrities and your girlfriends, you will find it hard to make men like you. So get smart – read books, stay updated on current events and strive to become a more knowledge person. If you know about cars, politics and sports – you will earn brownie points. If you can ride a motorcycle or hold your own on the track – men will literally worship you!

7) Be optimistic and fun:

Many women have a terrible attitude. They constantly complain, nag and whine about the problems. Men hate such women. A woman’s concept of an ideal relationship differs radically than a man’s – women like drama, men like calm and peace. Men are extremely wary of women who are overly dramatic – they consider them to be stupid and not many men like stupid women!

8) Cook him a good meal:

Men are suckers for women who know how to cook well (true story, that’s how I got my (now) husband’s attention early on!).

Traditionally, cooking is a woman’s job and so not many men are good at it. Hence, they are stuck with sandwiches, instant noodles and fast-food. There is certainly some truth to the age old belief that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Try it – cook a fine meal for a man as reward for good behavior or in exchange for a favor such as helping you with homework etc.

Learning to make men like you is a skill – so practice, practice and practice! In no time, attracting men will become a habit. You’ll do it without even thinking.