How To Get Him To Kiss You? Make Him Want it!

How To Get him to kiss you

Generally, men don’t need much persuasion to kiss a woman. However, sometimes, guys can be shy and withdrawn – especially when they think you’re totally out of their league! Also, it’s fun to make guys squirm a bit and long for it.  Here’s how to get HIM to kiss YOU – and ladies I warn you, these techniques are powerful!

For men, attraction is in the chase – they are natural adventurers and hence they value the things (and people) that they’ve worked hard to get. So yes, you can just lean in and kiss a guy if you want to. However, if you tease him, seduce him and make him want it badly, he’ll enjoy and value it much more.

Check out these 5 ‘fool-proof’ techniques to get HIM to kiss YOU!

1) Sometimes, you lean in to a guy who is not yet ready for the kiss…

As a result, you are just left stranded there with your eyes closed and your lips puckered.

This usually happens to men but it can happen to over-eager girls too!

Here is a test to know whether a guy is ready to be kissed – it will save you a lot of awkwardness and it works every single time.

This is one of my best guarded tips….but what the heck….here you go:

secret kissing technique

Touch the hair above his ears and pretend to adjust it. If he has very short hair, you can simply massage the outer part of his ear for a couple of seconds and run your hand through his hair and say that it feels nice and soft.

While you do this, look straight at him and smile. If he smiles back and seems relaxed and pleased – he’s ready to be kissed. Most times, he will lean in himself. If he doesn’t, just look at his lips and then back into his eyes – he’ll get the idea. On the whole, even if he doesn’t lean in but looks like he is enjoying your touch, you can kiss him. However, if he tenses up and looks oddly towards you – it’s your signal to pull back. You can retreat with your dignity intact and live to fight another day. Seduce him a little more and try again.

Now let’s analyze why the above technique works so well.

When you touch a guy (or even a girl) around the ears, he (or she) finds it enjoyable since the earlobe is an erogenous zone.

So even if he wasn’t really thinking of kissing you, you just flipped a switch inside him and he became conscious of your sexuality.

On the other hand, running your guy through a man’s hair or lightly touching him around the ears (hmmm…adjusting his locks) does not exactly qualify as being erotic. It’s something that you can do to a friend or even your brother. Hence, this gesture enables you to test the waters and warm him up without being overly blatant and obvious.

It sure beats leaning in for the kiss and getting rejected!

Even if the guy isn’t exactly receptive to your touch, you can pull back without any awkwardness – hey, you were just feeling out his hair, there’s nothing sexual about it. You can even taunt and provoke him a bit by asking him whether he uses feminine shampoo since his hair is so soft and smooth!

Either way, you win – if it works out, you get to kiss him and if it does not, you can take a dig at him. This will make him a tad insecure and he will try to qualify himself – amplifying the attraction in the process! (Trust me, this works e-v-e-r-y time!)

2) The following technique is as effective as the first one. If anything, it’s more powerful.

For this one, your guy DOES need to be wearing a it may not work in all situations.  Anyways, try this; adjust your target’s tie and look into his eyes and smile. If you are feeling a bit naughty, you can give his tie a light tug!

This really arouses men and makes them want to do bad things. When you pull on his tie lightly, he will most likely lean for a kiss. Even if he doesn’t lean in immediately – you just planted the idea of a kiss in his mind. So don’t be surprised if he keeps looking for excuses to stay near you.

If the guy is not wearing a tie, you can pretend to adjust his shirt collar and give it a slight pull while smiling at him. Once again, if he’s not receptive, there is no awkwardness since you did not do anything overly sexual. You can say something like – you are just like my little brother (or cousin, or Dad, or friend)…he’s always messing up his tie/collar! He’ll be disappointed that you think of him as a brother and will try to win your affection in a ‘man to woman’ frame. In short, he will chase you and become more attracted to you.

3) Stare at his lips and then back at his eyes.

get him to kiss you

You are making him conscious of his lips and more often than not – he will want to kiss you.

4) Ask him something like – “Are you a good kisser?

Or What’s your favorite type of kiss (Italian, Spanish, French, Australian…there are many) Most likely, he’ll be eager to demonstrate his skills. Such a question establishes a sexual frame but as with the other techniques, you cannot get caught – you just shot a sexy question at him. At worst, it makes you appear adventurous and curious but in no way does it make you look needy and perverted.

5) Play a game:

Choose something like truth or dare, thumb-wrestling, staring contest or any other silly game. If he wins, he gets to kiss you and if he loses, you get to slap or spank him (whatever turns you on more lol). This introduces sexuality into the equation in a sprightly, cheerful manner.

I have (ahem) girlfriends that did this back in their college days, and it works more often then not! 😉

On TV, guys are portrayed as these super-macho guys who get away with slapping a girl’s butt, pulling her hair and then kissing her passionately. However, in real life – guys can be shy, geeky, nerdy or they may just be stupefied by your awesomeness (all the super-macho men are most likely in prison!) Hence, men need a little push once in a while.

Once you get good at making guys want to kiss you, you can literally make them do anything! Just saying…

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