How To Get Him To Notice You

How To Get Him To Notice You

How do you plan on standing out in order to get him to notice you?

Well, you could walk along corridors with a huge pile of books and hope that he bumps into you, bends down to pick up your fallen books, locks eyes with you, smiles and falls instantly in love with you! Good luck with that – you should really stop watching too many chick flicks (lol).

In the real world, you need a solid strategy to make guys (or that special guy) notice you, fall for you and chase you!

To begin with, let’s talk about what you should NOT do to get him to notice you!

1) Wearing too much make-up:

Make-up is supposed to accentuate your already beautiful features. Men like women who take care of their appearance. However, if you’re wearing so much make-up that you begin to weigh more on the scales or if your face stops looking like a face – you’ve gone a bit too far!

2) Wearing too little clothing:

Don’t get me wrong – this will get you A-LOT of attention –  but – not the right kind of attention. If you want guys to have sex with you, then this approach works like magic! However, if you want guys to notice your personality – skimpy outfits actually backfire since they distract men from the real you and drive their focus solely towards sex.

Trust me on this ladies, been there, done that, got the tee-shirt!

3) Trying too hard:

Lady gaga (or this crazy punk chick above) can pull off a clumsy, blingy crazy outfit at a concert. You’re not Lady Gaga or the punk chick and you can’t do it – especially at the mall, on the street, in coffee shops etc. Some guys might like a girl with a gazillion piercings and purple hair. Still, most guys prefer ‘normal’ girls. Stay unique by all means – but try to remain within the realms of normalcy.

Now that we’re done with the DON’Ts, Let us look at the Dos

How To Get Him To Notice You – Start Here:

First of all – DON’T WORRY – you WON’T look desperate if you follow my tips below!

So Relax, take a deep breath and prepare to have your mind blown. 😉

1) Wear red:

Research has indicated that men are attracted to the color red. Try to incorporate it into your clothing and accessories!

You don’t have to go all out red like the girl above, but try throwing little bits of red into your outfit and see if people react to you differently!

2) Look your best at all times:

Wear something that complements your body. Get into better shape if you need to.

Choose an outfit that is sexy but not slutty – there is a fine line, try not to cross it as going over it (again) can get you the WRONG kind of attention. Overall, your look should fit in with your surroundings – miniskirts with plunging necklines are fine at clubs and bars but they look a bit too ‘try-hard’, desperate and out-of-place at casual settings such as shopping centers, colleges and coffee shops.

So opt for yoga pants instead – still sexy but not inappropriate. (And trust me ladies, Guys LOVE a gal in Yoga Pants – very sexy but not ‘over the top’).

Wear an cute accessory such as a scarf, trendy sunglasses or a hat – it sets you apart from the scores of women in Ugg boots or stilettos.

3) Say Hi and Bye to the guys that you some across:

Seriously! Be social with guys – this puts you on their radar! Many women become stupefied when confronted with the even the though of approaching a stranger or their crush. The only cure for this anxiety is to do it all the time! If you start approaching guys and starting conversations on a regular basis, you’ll develop social intelligence and calibration – in other words, you’ll become a natural in making guys notice you and being attracted to you.

You’ll be able to do it without thinking – all the time! Understand that approaching a guy doesn’t mean confessing that you like him. It simply means saying ‘hi, what’s up!’ It’s that easy and sets you apart from the girls with the ‘don’t approach me’ look (AKA – Standing Bitch Face). :-X

4) If there is this one guy that you want to notice you, he has to know that you exist.

So go talk to him. Say hi and ask for his help/opinion on something. You can even get away with paying him a compliment.

For example: If he wrote an exceptional essay that the teacher read out loud – walk up to him and say it was awesome. This also works in a professional office setting; If he is wearing a nice shirt, tell him. If a guy at work gets awarded employee of the month – congratulate him and maybe give him a card. Once you begin talking with a guy, flirt with him and amp up the attraction.

Pro tip: It’s silly to get worked up about ONE particular guy unless things are serious between you two. Don’t be afraid to ‘Play the field’ a little bit and talk to other guys you may be interested in. By doing this, you will eliminate scarcity mode and create an abundance of high-quality men in your life. I’m not saying to flirt with every guy you come across, no no no – but rather TALK to them.  This will help you to keep your head straight and you’ll not fall in love with the first loser that comes your way!

5) Engage in ‘MANLY’ activities once in a while:

You heard me right!

Play basketball, volleyball, pool or even beer-pong or videogames with the guys. Guys will literally compete for your attention!

They will try to impress you with their skills and knowledge. They will be eager to teach you new things. The whole experience can be tremendous fun! You’ll make lots of friends and will get a much better insight on the way men think and interact – that’s priceless!

6) Smile!

You aren’t a model walking on the runway. It’s OK to smile – in fact, it’s HIGHLY recommended! A poker face alienates you from other people. Smiling at a guy is the easiest way to make him notice you. And yes, make eye contact too – but you already knew that, didn’t you?

7) Try some Perfume:

I don’t know what these up-market perfumes contain – but they can make grown men so turned on that they start behaving like puppy dogs. Invest in a bottle of two of premium perfume. It is well worth the money.

8) Get his attention on social media (especially facebook and Instagram):

You don’t have to be the first one to send the message. Why send messages when you have the comments section? Post witty (even sarcastic) and funny comments on his pics, posts, status. Unless he has like a thousand friends and gets tons of updates, he will most likely notice and respond. Now you have a conversation going!

Learning how to get him to notice you is ridiculously easy if you implement the above mentioned tips. Practice a bit and you will get so good that I’ll have to write an article about how to get guys to stop noticing and falling for you!

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