How to Keep A Man & Ensure He remains ONLY Attracted to you!

How to keep a man

So – you want to know how to keep a man? Well you came to the right place!

Most men have an innate desire to be with many women. So keeping him solely attracted to you is a tall order if you don’t know what to do! But fear not – I have your back. Use these super effective ways to keep him hooked like a magnet!

Having said that – let’s get started!

How to Keep A Man & Ensure He remains ONLY Attracted to you!

1) Don’t become a control freak: If you try to take control over every aspect of his life, he will feel stifled. Don’t let your love and attention suffocate him. Let him make his own decisions. Don’t nag. pester, whine and complain if he doesn’t comply with any of your demands – find a way around it. Be smart – live and let live!

2) Be willing to take the initiative in the bedroom: Research reveals that generally, men do not cheat because they are not in love with you anymore. They do it because they crave sexual variety. Men cannot get over a woman who is aware of her sexuality and is not afraid to initiate sex. If you treat him well in bed, he will worship you like a goddess.

3) Try experimenting with new sexual positions, games. Let go of your complexes and insecurities. Try it at different locations including a few risqué ones such as the changing room of a garment store – just don’t get caught!  If you want to get REALLY freaky with him – check THIS out! (not safe for work) 😉

4) Understand that attraction is not an event – rather, it’s a gradual process. Attraction can ebb and surge with time. Many women are under the false impression that once they get a man to commit to them, it’s over – they’ve won! They feel that they can relax and do whatever they want. They do not dress as well, they don’t actively try to seduce and attract their man. No wonder they are shocked when he leaves them or cheats on them. In order to keep a man, you have to attract him every day! You have to look phenomenal, you have to flirt with him, go out on romantic dates with him, push him away a little bit, be unpredictable, surprise him. Men love to chase a woman – once they feel that they have caught their prey, they lose interest quickly. Thus, he should be under the impression that the chase is always on!

5) Do not accommodate all his requests: When you start putting him over you all the time – he begins to take you for granted. If you want him to love you, he must respect you and your priorities.

6) Be independent: Don’t rely on him too much – both financially and emotionally. If you do this, he’ll know that you can’t really dump him since you don’t have many options. A woman who is financially and emotionally independent is Alpha (achiever). Men simply cannot resist an alpha woman. Also, being socially active and pursuing your career keeps you sharp and alert. It boosts your confidence and self respect.

7) Learn to cook: Men get hungry more often than women. They also have much larger appetites. However, many men have absolutely no clue about cooking (although some are great cooks). I know some men who can barely break and fry up an egg and they usually burn their toast! Thus, they really appreciate a woman who can cook up a scrumptious meal for them. It gives them a sense of being stable and having a family!

8) Be interesting and unique: Dress with flair, pick up an unusual hobby, follow your passions! Men like to show off their girl. They like to tell good things about her to other men and women. It makes them feel proud.

9) Don’t reward him for bad behavior: Treat him like you’d treat a child – when he is well behaved, reward him with gifts, touch, kind words and affectionate gestures. However, if he does something offensive – be cold and unpredictable. This way, he will respect you and know that you have boundaries.

10) Impress him friends and make them fall in awe of you. Invite them all to watch TV at your place. WOW them with your best chicken wing recipe. Whip up some bad ass cocktails for them. They’ll totally love you and will want to have a girlfriend like you. There will be no comparison between the amazing you and their sulky women who always keep whining and complaining! Moreover, they’ll let your man know how lucky he is to have you!

Last but not the least, don’t be a drama queen. Save the drama for your mama! (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) 😉

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