How To Make Him Love You

How To Make Him Love You

In our society, love is portrayed as this complex, hard to understand “thing” that’s always just out of your gr asp. However, in this article, we are going to strip all the romanticism out of love and look at it from a purely scientific perspective. Does he really love you? If you’re not sure –  I’ll teach you exactly how to make him love you through my tried and tested 5 step plan. This approach is like a map to a man’s heart – it works because it is based on science.

Before we get started & I teach you How to Make Him Love You, I want to cover a very important point:

There is no formula in the world that can GUARANTEE that a particular man will fall in love with you!

There is, however, a definite method to become highly attractive to men in general. When you want a certain man to fall in love with you, you cannot simply chase him like crazy.

You have to come across as a non-needy, high value alpha woman who gets attention from lots of good-looking and successful men. This puts you slightly out of his reach and that is exactly what makes you desirable!

Want to Know How To Make Him Love You? Easy, 5 little things:

1) He needs to find you physically attractive!

how to make a guy love you

To put in bluntly, before you can win a man’s heart, you need to get the approval of his….err…friend down there!

If he doesn’t approve – it’s game over then and there because it’s highly unlikely that a man will pursue you if he isn’t at least a LITTLE physically attracted to you.

I know that this sounds disturbing – no woman likes to be objectified.

We want to be judged based on our personality, not just our appearance.

However, that’s the way men are wired – they are on the lookout for a healthy, fertile woman who can give birth to healthy kids! (Again, I’m basing this article off of science, not emotions)

There is nothing that you can do about the way men are programmed to think. However, you can definitely focus on improving your style and becoming healthier.

If you are in good health, you will automatically become attractive to men. Also, being healthy enables you to be a happier person and live a better life. That’s half the battle already won – I mean, it is very hard to resist a happy, healthy, fashionable woman!

2) You need to have chemistry:

What is this chemistry you ask?

It’s the most important ingredient for love.

Chemistry is more important that all the other ingredients such as looks, status, height etc.

The best part is that you can actually improve your chemistry. In simple terms, chemistry is the ability to connect and become likeable to people.

You can become more likeable by being open, having a positive attitude and by developing some intellectual curiosity about life. You can connect with people easier by improving your social calibration, body language, confidence and communication skills.

In short, stop playing candy crush all day on your phone and start talking to the people around you. Instead of chatting with guys through texting – try interacting with them in the real world. You will be nervous at first but once you realize how much fun it is, you will become more confident.

With practice, you will be able to connect with and impress people within minutes of meeting them!

You’ll have good chemistry.

3) Trust and Genuineness:


If you look at most dating guides today, you’ll notice that dating has just become a bunch of manipulative tricks. You have to do these weird things that don’t feel right and act like a person that you are not! Also, celebrity cultured has messed with peoples’ mind and altered their wishes & desires.

As a result, many people have put on fake masks – they are not real and hence not trustworthy. Both men and women are extremely wary of such behavior. If you want a blossoming relationship, there needs to be trust and honesty between you two.

So stop pretending to be someone you are not and just be yourself. However, understand that being yourself doesn’t mean that you should not strive to be better and make improvements in your life.

4) Compatibility:

Now that he is attracted to you, has connected with you and trusts you, you guys need to have long term compatibility for the relationship to work out. Do you have the same life goals? It does not matter whether you have the same hobbies or interests. Still, you both should at least have a common basic value system.

For example:

  1. Do you both want kids?
  2. Do you want to stay in the same city?
  3. Are there any problems with personal areas of either of your lives that the other may not approve of?

All these things play a decisive role in making your relationship a success. It is not uncommon to come across couples who have attraction and trust but they keep fighting all the time because they just aren’t compatible.

5) Comfort and acceptance:

In the beginning, both the man and the woman try extra hard to impress one another. If everything works out, they move in together or at least start spending a lot of time with each other. This is a highly critical and underrated phase of relationships.

It’s quite important that both the individuals are able to relax and be themselves. Many couples fail to find comfort and turn this phase into a duel. They try to control the other and start playing games. They feel judged and shamed by their partner. They just don’t have the emotional maturity and experience to deal with day to day problems.

A lot of times, these problems arise due to deep rooted complexes and insecurities. Instead of giving each other strength and growing together, they begin to act as poison-drips for each other – ultimately causing a failed relationship.

You have probably heard that too much of anything is bad. This is especially true when it comes to love:

Even if you have amazing chemistry, compatibility, trust, comfort etc, you just can’t afford to become obsessed with a guy. Loving a guy is one thing, becoming obsessed and addicted to him is another.

You have to remain grounded and follow your own hobbies/interests/career. You have to be social and keep growing as a person. You cannot devote all your energy towards him – you have to pull back once in a while and make him chase you a little bit. In dating circles, this is known as the push-pull technique.

In essence, you chase a guy for a little bit (complement or touch him) and make him feel good.

Then you withdraw and make him crave the good emotions. Attraction is in the craving (or the pull).

This behavior will come naturally to you if you actually have a well rounded lifestyle!

If you have a job, career, interests, friends etc, they will genuinely keep you busy and you won’t have to pretend that you have an interesting, sophisticated life!

You’ll have to withdraw your attention from the guy and focus on your passion/interest. You will not act clingy since you have an abundance of good things in your life. This will make him respect and love more!

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