How To Make Him Respect You – Try These 8 Proven Things

You’re likely here because you want to know How To Make Him Respect You, am I right?

Well, before you can do that – you first need to understand one VERY important thing:

There can be no love without respect.

Sit on that and think about it for a moment.  Us Women are highly emotional by nature – hence, we fall to manipulation and emotional blackmail quite easily.

If a man is in a relationship with you but he does not respect – you are clearly being used and exploited. Hence, getting your husband or boyfriend to respect you should a top priority if you want a fulfilling, rewarding relationship.

how to make him respect you

Use these tips to win the respect of not just your man, but all people on general:

1) Respect yourself:

This one is obvious – you can only expect others to respect you if you respect yourself.

Place yourself above others you can only help others once you have gained a certain stature in society.. If you want to live and thrive in the material world – you neither be 100% selfish nor 100% selfless. You have to find a middle ground.

If you think only about yourself – you will be hated by all your friends, co-workers etc.

Most importantly, you will never know the joy of giving and sharing. On the other hand, if you focus solely on others, you will never achieve anything substantial for yourself.

Give importance to your choices, needs and choice. Under no circumstances should you date a guy who is not supportive of your wishes and goals.

2) Respect him:

To get respect, you have to give respect. Look at the people who command the most respect in our world. Examples of such people include: sportspersons, movie stars, philanthropists, business tycoons, politicians, innovators etc.

Observe how polite they are when talking to others.

Now look at the people who have accomplished absolutely nothing in life. You will notice that they are ludicrously proud, confrontational, mean and disrespectful. Don’t be such a person.

Try being extremely nice to people for just one day – you will be amazed at how positive and sprightly you will feel on the inside.

However, don’t turn into a foot mat for others to trample – learn to say no politely, without feeling the need to explain yourself.

3) Do not tease an immature man!

Flirting with a man usually involves a bit of teasing and banter. However, if a man is insecure and immature, he will not be able to handle being teased.

His little ego will get hurt and he will try to get even by saying or doing something mean and vindictive.

Do not date immature guys – they are just like grown up babies, only less cute. They get butt-hurt easily and they quickly learn that they can get others to do anything by throwing a tantrum.

If a guy cannot handle a bit of playful teasing, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be able to handle the more serious problems that life throws at him. In other words – he’s a wussy. Don’t date wussies!

4) Look the part:

Personally, I don’t like to judge people based on how they look or what they are wearing.

However, it’s foolish to ignore the fact that people are always forming impressions about you based on your external image.

So if you go around wearing a ton of make-up and a micro-mini skirt, don’t be surprised if some women think you are ‘slutty’ and guys think that you’re easy. That’s just the way people are.

Whenever they come across a person who is cooler/more successful than they are, they begin to look for ways to undermine them.

If you really like wearing skimpy outfits, you have to be thick-skinned enough to ignore rude comments and cat calls. Or you can simply wear something classier and more acceptable and unleash your sexy side in the bedroom.

5) Never have sex with a man with the hope that he’ll fall in love with you:

Men respect what they have worked hard to get. Otherwise, they tend to take it for granted. A man will love and respect you more if you make him wait and chase you.

Sex should be the dessert, not the appetizer!

Have sex with a man when YOU are ready. Know and believe that you’re worth the wait. If he’s too impatient, send him along his way and find a better man!

6) Learn to say NO to men (and others too):

NO is extremely powerful. Don’t underestimate the power of no! Men (and women too) aim to make others comply with them.

When you do comply with men, they think that you are somehow low value. However, when you don’t comply – they perceive you as being of a high status and begin to pursue you more enthusiastically. In the process, they become emotionally invested in you – which is just a fancy way of saying that they fall in love with you!

So the next time you are out with a guy and he suggests that you go to a movie, say yes only if you really like movies or else simply say no and suggest something else instead. At work, don’t let others manipulate you – fill in for them only if you can and want to. Otherwise decline politely. Get it?

7) Put up firm boundaries:

If you need to get back home by 10 pm – there is no way he is going to make you stay beyond that.

Having no boundaries makes you ‘too easy’. All the high profile people in the world have very firm boundaries. You should too!

8) Learn to laugh at yourself:

Nobody can make fun of you or hurt you if you don’t take yourself too seriously. I know that this sounds contradictory to some of the points mentioned above. However, everybody has flaws and you can use self-deprecation to mitigate the negative impact of those flaws on your life.

You’ll be a much happier person overall if you learn to laugh at yourself. It certainly is much better than feeling sorry for yourself. Self-pity is going to get you absolutely nowhere.

This was a big one for me too. Then I noticed talk show hosts making fun of world famous celebrities during interviews. However, instead of getting upset, the celebrities have a good laugh too.

This conveys how relaxed and grounded they are!

If you implement the above-mentioned advice, men will not just respect you – they will treat you like a princess!

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