How To Make Him Want You

So you want to know How To Make Him Want You?

How to Make Him Want You

If you want to learn how to make him want you – follow these 10 tips and find out just how easy it can be:

1) Say his name: Body language experts affirm that saying a person’s name is like an aphrodisiac. It triggers the rewards signals in his brain and makes him feel wanted and special. Say his name when giving him a complement, say it while having sex with him…!

2) Incorporate ‘sexy’ into your daily routine: Help him adjust his tie, unbutton his shirt after he comes back tired after work. Slip your hand into his pocket to place his handkerchief or keys inside. If you are feeling naughty, you can even give him a light ‘squeeze’ through his pants. He will keep thinking about you all day!

3) Don’t bore him with too many details about your personal life: The less you tell him, the more he’ll want to find out. Many women talk for hours and bore the hell out of guys. If you want to help him connect with you on an emotional level, make him invest in the interaction. A little bit of mystery and intrigue goes a long way!

4) Change your look: A subtle change in your hairstyle won’t cut it. Most guys will barely register it. If you want to make a massive impact, the change should be highly noticeable. For example: If he is used to seeing you in casual t-shirts and jeans, dazzle him with a sexy outfit. A mini-skirt or a classy evening gown (preferably red) should do the trick. Make sure that his jaws drop! If you invite him to a private swimming pool or to a secluded beach, you can really amp up the attraction by showing off your sexy curves in a bikini. This is an excellent option if you work out and have a nice body.

5) Smell incredible: Invest in an expensive bottle of perfume – preferably two! Men love women who smell good.

6) Have an active social and professional life outside of your relationship. This way, you are not available to him all the time and he gets a chance to actually miss you. Most women smother men with attention and this kills attraction. Men like what they can’t have easily. If you actually have a job, hobbies, friends etc. you won’t have to pretend that you are busy.

7) Make him go wild with ecstasy by delaying his pleasure. Send him a dirty text message when he is at work. It will run through his mind all day and make him squirm. Tease him during foreplay and sex – don’t let him have it at once. Delaying gratification increases anticipation and results in a more intense and powerful orgasm.

8) Make him a little jealous: Take a short vacation with your girlfriends – without him. Send him pictures of you having fun. This will make him wonder if he is really important to you. He will even feel a tad upset that you did not take him along. Consequently, he will work harder to win your approval. Try this one – it really gets the guys.

Honestly, he can’t be TOO angry at you – you have the perfect excuse: it was a girls only thing. No men allowed.

9) Talk to other men at parties and social events– even if you’re in a relationship. This accomplishes three things. It makes him a little jealous but at the same time it teaches him to not become overly possessive and control you too much. It keeps you in the game and boosts your self-image and confidence. This is actually good for your relationship.

10) Dance with him: Dancing is a like a pre-sex ritual. In the animal world, many birds (such as the peacock and the ostrich) and even scorpions dance before making love. If he does not know how to dance – teach him. When you teach something new to a person – he/she begins to view you as having superior status.

Dancing also gives you an excellent excuse to touch him and raise his anticipation. You don’t have to formally invite him to dance. Just put on some good music and begin swaying to the beat. Then ask him to show you his moves – challenge him a little bit. Laugh at him if he is bad and then teach him. This will enable him to experience a wide range of emotions.

You may now begin your mission. Good Luck!

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