How To Please Your Man

how to please your man

If you REALLY want to know how to please your man, start with these five things:

How to Please Your Man and have him eating from the palm of your hand!

1) Please him through words:

Words yield great power if you know how to use them. Say nice things to him when he deserves it. If you want to learn how to be a phenomenal conversationalist, watch some talk shows and observe how the hosts communicate with their guests.

Notice how they use wit and humor to turn even the most mundane topics in hilariously funny stuff. They can literally talk about anything in the world. Most importantly, their conversation is brimming with emotion – the entire episode is like a firework of positive emotions. Understand that these talk show hosts are wealthy celebrities. Still, they are not afraid to engage in silly games and activities with their guests.

They are carefree and ‘loose’. This really brings out their personality and allows it to shine.

The guests are often very high profile celebs such as film stars, musicians and even presidents. Still, the hosts never shy away from taking a jab at them and teasing them a little bit. They have supreme confidence. They are so sure of themselves that they never lose their frame.

If somebody says something mean to them – they just downplay it or turn it into something positive. Their interactions are intense but short – that’s exactly how your interactions should look like, at least during the initial phase of a relationship.

2) Please him through gifts:

Yeah, men like gifts too! They like to show them off just like women. Gifts are the universal token of appreciation and love. They make a massive impact on the dynamics of the relationship. They endear you both to each other and create a conducive environment for the relationship to thrive.

Gifts are fabulous – Everybody likes gifts. If you give him a personalized gift, he will appreciate your effort even more. Impress him with your keen observation and attention to detail.

3) Please him through touch:

Hug him, hold his hand, cuddle with him and just blow his mind away in bed. I suggest that you seriously study male anatomy and the psychology of sex. Most women have absolutely no clue about what they are doing in bed.

They are just mindlessly copying something that they saw in a porn movie. There is a lot of difference between porn and real life sex – porn is a performance. Real sex is much more intimate and feels a million times better if you actually love your partner.

Be bold – experiment with various positions, explore new fantasies and don’t let your insecurities stop you from enjoying sex to the fullest. Ask him what feels good and what he likes. Once you spoil a man through fabulous sex, you essentially become irreplaceable.

Very few women are good at pleasing men sexually – they hardly do anything. Moreover, the shame men and call them perverts when they reveal their fantasies and secret desires. Don’t be like that or else your man will cheat on you. Focus on your love-making skills and you will literally have men at your mercy.

4) Please him visually:

Men like women who look good. You can either fight it or accept it. I suggest that you accept it and work on getting in the best shape of your life. Working out will make your healthier – you will feel better and live longer. Also, get a fashion makeover.

Look stylish whenever you go out – especially when you go out with him. When a guy has a dazzling woman by his side, he feels masculine and proud. Also, don’t forget to smell good!

5) Please him through your personality:

Be a happy, optimistic person. Be social and cultivate interesting hobbies.

Work hard to achieve your dreams – both professional and personal. If you actually have a life outside of your relationship – you become very attractive to him. Also, don’t tolerate any non-sense from him. Reward him for being good and punish him when he is mean and unpleasant.

If you encourage bad behavior, you’ll ruin your relationship and your life. Your guy will actually love, admire and respect you way more once he senses that he cannot simply ‘trifle’ with you and that you have boundaries.

Cook him a tasty meal– it is perhaps the most honest way of pleasing your man!

There is an Eastern European saying which goes something like this:

A smart woman always makes sure that her man leaves the home with a full stomach and empty balls.

Just letting you know!