How To Talk To Men And Make Them Like You!

So you want to know how to talk to men? That’s easy – The way you talk to men matters a lot – it indicates to others whether you are a confident, graceful woman or an obnoxious, desperate attention whore (pardon my french)!

If you want to know how to talk to men, Check out these Tips:

1) Talk with your entire body, not just your mouth:

More than 90% of human communication is non-verbal. Your tone, body language, posture, eye contact, facial expressions are your ‘honest signals’.

  • Speak in an assertive, firm tone – your voice should not end up on a high note as you finish a sentence as this indicates jitteriness and insecurity.
  • Your shoulders should not be tense – breathe slowly and relax your jaw and neck muscles.
  • Smile!
  • Make eye contact while speaking – it shows that you are confident and honest.
  • Touch him – it makes him feel good and crave your touch more.
  • A pat on the shoulder, back or arm is enough to send a chill down his spine.

2) Be unpredictable:

Yeah! Men love to figure things out. They are baffled by puzzles that they can’t solve. They love to be challenged. Many women think that being indifferent is the key to impress men. Well, if you remain indifferent and act uninterested all the time – he’ll probably get bored of you and assume you’re just wasting his time!

Recent studies indicate that men are much more attracted to women who are warm, friendly and affectionate. I never teach my students to fake a certain type of behavior. Hence, the bottom line is that when you talk with people – just be yourself.

However, you can make the conversation more spicy and lively by being unpredictable and playful:

  1. Engage in a bit of playful teasing.
  2. Throw in a complement once in a while.
  3. Make him invest in the conversation by pulling back.

If you feel that he is bragging or being fake, that’s when you should be indifferent.

If you date high quality guys on a regular basis, you will become hard to impress and convey indifference naturally. It will take more than a convertible and a expensive watch to impress you.

Stop simply playing hard to get – be hard to get! But let him feel that he has a chance. That’s the vibe you want to convey!

This whole unpredictable thing might seem a bit confusing. However, you will have to master this art of ‘push-pull’ if you want to get good at attracting men.

You have to be nice for a while and then be a bit of a badass.

It is this combination that men find intoxicating.

Don’t think of push-pull as manipulation. Think of it as a game or a test, or good cop bad cop with you playing both parts! LOL

Good Cop Bad Cop Meme

Think of it this way:

  1. Does the man have enough confidence to play the game without getting butt-hurt?
  2. Can he pass your tests?
  3. If a man cannot handle a bit of attitude and playful jabs how can he solve the problems that life throws at him?

3) Be independent:

Independence, both financial and emotional makes you incredibly attractive to men. You are not some damsel in distress that needs saving! Men will take note of this and try to come up with something extraordinary and unique to impress you.

4) Show him just the trailer, not the entire movie:

Us women love to chat! Chatting is fun! However, when you talk to men, do not be too keen to reveal your life story.

Men are not wired like women – most of them don’t care about the secret ingredient in your lasagne recipe or what happened in the latest episode of Orange Is The New Black.

Try to make the man talk more than you do. Ask rhetorical questions, make him qualify himself a little bit. When film-makers want you to come and watch their movie, they show you just the trailer – not the entire movie. The trailer is meant to generate interest. Be like the trailer so that he will want to see the full movie.

5) Never compete with distractions:

Women are pretty good at multi-tasking but men, not so much. This is because the female brain activates more areas than the male brain while performing the same task. Try not to initiate important conversations with him while he is watching TV or playing with his smartphone – you’ll never get his full attention! He’ll view you as an annoyance and will want to get rid of you. Let him finish whatever he’s doing and then talk to him after moving to a different environment.

Do not text him twenty times a day – he cannot process so much information while he is busy with other things. Make your interactions with him memorable, not annoying!

Last but not the least, practice! Talk to as many guys as possible. Seriously, it’s good practice & the more you do it the easier it becomes!

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