How To Turn A Guy On

WARNING: This post is Moderately graphic content and perhaps not suitable for work. Don’t read if you are offended by sexually explicit content! Having said that, if you’re ready and want to know How To Turn A Guy On – read on!

How to Turn A Guy On

Want to turn him on so bad that he goes crazy with pleasure before you even TOUCH him?

Use these tried and tested (wink) tips to improve your love life exponentially!

How To Turn A Guy On – 10 Sneaky Tricks you MUST Try!

1) Sex begins outside the bedroom.

Send him dirty texts to turn him on and make him think about you all day!

2) Hug him from behind:

Most men find this unusually sexy (I know my husband LOVEESSSSSS it when I do this to him) – normally, they’re the ones at the back and this move really transforms the dynamics of sexual magnetism.

You can also reach down into his pants and stroke his friend while whispering dirty things into his ear.

This is how a guy touches himself when he is all alone…minus the whole whispering into his own ear thing…. Feel free to use your other hand to reach below him and massage his testicles..

3) Let him see you fully nude:

Even if you’re in a long term relationship, your man has probably never you totally naked for more than a few moments.

When you’re very close to him, he does not see your body entirely. Many couples do it with the lights off and hence they never really get to see each other.

So put on some sexy music, take your clothes off and just let him look at your naked body.

Men love to look at nude women and trust me, this will turn him on like nothing else.

4) Be the aggressor:

Nothing turns a man on as much as a woman who is willing to make the first move.

  • Usually, the man has to initiate foreplay.
  • He has to coax and ‘woo’ the woman.
  • Her pleasure comes first and he is judged if he finishes first.

Sex is such a chore for men! So how about you take control once in a while? He will be totally mesmerized – I promise. 😉

(Bonus video, I just HAD to share this one!)

5) Give him a lap dance:

For a majority of couples, sex is really mundane and unimaginative.

Foreplay too…involves just the usual stroking and oral sex.

Spice things up by stripping for him and giving him a seductive lap dance. The challenge is to make him cum through his pants, without touching him with your hands!

(To be honest, I’m not sure if this is possible – but it sure is fun to try – and trust me – it turns them on like CRAZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYY)

6) Blindfold him:

With the eyes blindfolded, all the other senses become heightened.

He will not know where the next kiss, lick or touch will land. This will introduce him to a totally new erotic experience. Men usually don’t get pampered like that. If you want to make it even more fun – place handcuffs on him! Without being able to see and move,

he will remain totally at your mercy. I know you really fancy that. (I Learned this trick from The Language of Desire) – this works so amazingly well even if he’s NOT into “kinky” stuff, LOL.

7) Sneak into the shower while he is in there. Help him deal with his morning wood.

The soap acts as an excellent lubricant.

Once you do this, you’ll probably notice that he starts taking showers more often!

Many showers have full-size mirrors – looking at yourself and him doing bad things makes for a thrilling scene – it adds a new dimension to sex.

The great Italian erotic film-maker Tinto Brass is known for his use of mirrors during sex scenes.

8) Massage your guy’s g-spot:

There is a lot of confusion over whether women have a g-spot or not. Some women say that they have it but they cannot cum from vaginal penetration alone.

Some scientists totally deny the existence of the female g-spot. However, one thing is for sure. All men have a g-spot and it rarely gets any attention at all. His g-spot is known as the prostate – it is a walnut sized gland that can be reached through his anus.

When the prostate is massaged, it triggers the most powerful orgasms than the guy has ever experienced. Go slow with this one – many men do not like the idea at all. Ask him if he likes it or wants to try it. Use plenty of lube. Have fun!

9) Give his butt some attention:

A Woman’s booty get plenty of attention. Men play with it for hours, they massage it, knead it, kiss it, caress it, spank it, slap it, squeeze it.

However, a man’s backside rarely gets touched. Give his butt some extra love when you give him a back-massage or please him orally. He’ll surely enjoy it more than you think!

10) Make him beg for it:

Kiss his upper body…make your way down to his genitals but don’t touch or kiss him there. Instead, work your way back up and down several times. Tease him until neither he nor you can take it anymore! Remember – delaying pleasure creates anticipation.

If you REALLY REALLY want to blow his mind once things do lead to the bed I suggest you check out The Language of Desire, (my review of this system can be found here), now you have your work cut out – so get busy!