The Guide To Understanding Men

The Guide to 10x your Understanding Of Men!

How to Understand Men

So you want to know how to Understand Men? LOL Good Luck! Just kidding! Take a look at these 5 short but precise things you MUST understand.  Once you do, you’ll truly have a much better idea how the male brain things and understand what men really want.

1) Men are very competitive: Most Men have an inbuilt urge to dominate their surroundings. This very trait helped humans to create safe, protected environments around them – where they could thrive and propagate.

Research has shown that even today, men prefer to take up jobs where pay and success rely on outperforming colleagues. So don’t be surprised if the vibe gets quite intense even if you are playing a silly game with your man.

In fact, you should encourage your man to engage in activities that bring out his competitive spirit (various kinds of sports). This way, he’ll vent out energy in a safe manner and will be less edgy and irate at home.

2) Men are polygamous by default: Yes – they are hardwired to mate with as many women as possible. Look at some of the most successful men in history (mostly great kings and emperors) – they fathered hundreds, if not thousands of children.

Having many children maximizes the chance of the man’s genes being pass on to future generations. It also ensures survival of the species.

It is only through thousands of years of brainwashing that society has gotten men to agree to marriages. For a woman, a marriage is like a victory – she essentially ties down a man.

He is not allowed to be with other women and she gets all his attention. Her children inherit all the man’s wealth. For a man, a marriage means that he cannot have children with other women. So from an evolutionary perspective – the man loses when he commits to only one woman for the rest of his life.

Don’t let this information discourage you. Today, believe it or not, all men do not simply want to have mindless sex with as many women as possible. Humans have matured immensely and quantity has been replaced by quality.

Today, most men want a happy family – they strive to give their children a good education so that future generations may prosper and lead good lives.

3) Men are highly visual creatures: Men have evolved to react quickly and strongly to visual stimuli. Don’t freak out if he looks at other attractive women – it’s more of a reflex for him.

He can’t control it. If your man stares at other women – it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t find you attractive or has no feelings for you, so relax – he just being a man!

Men do not want to sleep with every woman they look at.

Also, men don’t make direct eye contact with the person that they are speaking to.

They tend to look more towards their surroundings.

This trait once kept humans allowed as men scanned their environment for threats whilst communicating with others.

Even if your man is not looking directly at you, chances are that he is still paying attention towards you.

Surely, you have caught many men looking at your breasts whilst communicating with you.

They may not be making eye-contact, but trust me – they are totally focused on you.

4) Men bond through activities: Women bond through conversation – they share secrets and gossip.

Men are not all that interested in that.

They bond with others by having a physical experience with them.

So if you want to connect with a man – take him on a walk or hike instead of just sitting in a coffee shop and chatting.

Psst… video games with him – he’ll love it!

Boating, driving, trekking, even cooking is a much better option than simply talking.

Men are not great at processing emotions and hence they won’t derive much pleasure from listening alone.

They need something more interactive and physical to make it a memorable experience.

5) It is nearly impossible for men to be simply friends with women. This is especially true if it’s a good looking woman.

When a woman friend-zones a guy – she basically refuses to acknowledge his sexuality.

She perceives him to be either sexless or like a woman. A man’s ego simply cannot take that.

Men are driven to impress, attract and mate with women – not to be friends with women.

If this were the case, there wouldn’t be more than 7 billion people on our planet. Women, on the contrary are programmed to only have sex with alpha males.

If a man is not alpha, he has low status and hence he cannot guarantee the safety of the woman and her children.

In short, nature has made sure that men try very hard to impress women and it has wired women to single out the men with the best leader-ship and survival skills.

Don’t make the mistake of following the above-mentioned concepts blindly. Stereotypes work but only to an extent.

Humans are complex creatures and upbringing and imprinting play vital roles in defining male (and female) behavior.

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