Tips For Dating An Older Man!

Tips For Dating An Older Man! Love knows no boundaries!

Age, race, ethnicity, cultural background and financial status do not really matter when as long there is understanding and willingness to make compromises. Sure, every relationship is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. So here are some tried and tested tips for dating an older man!

Dating An Older Man

1) Learn to be patient:

Usually, older men are well established financially and socially. They have to work hard to maintain their nice cars and big houses. They spend more time attending to their many friends, colleagues etc. This means that they are less available than your average college dude who is always down to Netfilx and chill! An older guy will probably not chat with you till 3 am. So quit whining about it! Make the most of the time that you do get to spend with him.

2) Do not keep bringing up the age difference:

A really cool guy won’t mind you talking and joking about the age gap between you two. He might say funny things that dating you makes him feel like a pedophile (such as he’s robbing the cradle, etc)! He’ll take pride in the fact that he has more resources and life experience. However, not all guys have this kind of confidence and outlook.

Many older men are actually a tad insecure about their age. This is good since it actually makes you the prize. Keep age references to a minimum – you both have agreed to dating and there is no point in nagging him about his age, especially since it is not something that he can control.

3) Show him that you’re marriage material.

Older guys are usually chased by gold diggers. They are fed up of blowing cash on petty, shallow women. Hence, they really tend to appreciate a woman who has a homely, non-materialistic side.

For example:

Cook him a fabulous dinner. He will really enjoy it. Most other girls make him spend mindlessly on filet mignon and champagne. So a girl who cooks for him (at least once in a while) is a welcome change.

4) Let your intellectual side loose!

Conversation with an older man is different than talking with a young guy. Young guys usually talk about cars, girls, celebrities etc. Older guys typically drive those cars – they have had more time to experience the joys of life. So the conversation is usually more serious. This does not mean that it is any less exciting – they may narrate fascinating tales about their travels or teach you a thing or two about buying homes, politics, getting your finances in order, achieving your dreams and so on. Surely, all this beats ranting about how bad Nicki Minaj is!

5) Be spontaneous:

Dating an older guy doesn’t mean that you have to give up your young and adventurous lifestyle. In fact, you should encourage him to do crazy, spontaneous stuff – it’ll make him feel like a teenager and he’ll remember his college days. Take him to comic con or Disney land (or some other adventure theme park)

6) Don’t rush moving in with him:

When you date a young guy, you both probably cannot afford to get an apartment and so you are stuck in your respective hostels. However, older guys already have luxurious homes and a lavish lifestyle. Hence, it might be tempting to move in with him – DON’T! Give it time – take it slowly. Don’t be too eager to start living with him – even if he drives a very nice car and has a Jacuzzi and fully stocked bar. I know it’s hard – the Jacuzzi makes it very difficult to not move in with him at the first opportunity. Still, he will respect you more if he cannot have you easily.

7) Remain independent:

Don’t ask him for money all the time. Don’t rely on him too much to pay for your clothes and food. Take him out once in a while – even if it is not to a very fancy bar. Every town and city has plenty of places which offer great entertainment/food without you needing to sell one kidney. Buy him a gift once in a while – even if it is just a ten dollar t-shirt with a funky graphic or a personalized message.

Don’t be intimated by him – respect him but don’t give up your power. Stay young and true to yourself. It is you free spirit that makes you attractive to him. Don’t give up your friend circle – expand it to accommodate his high profile friends as well. Most importantly, discuss your future with him. You are young and so you have not given much thought to family and kids. He probably wants to settle down – so talk it out.