What Men Find Attractive? It’s Not Just About Good Looks!

What men Find Attractive

So you want to know What Men Find Attractive?  Can you handle the truth?

A common misconception about men is that they are only attracted to good looks and so if you’re not genetically gifted, it’s pretty much game over for you.

Well, this is total BS!

Men do not necessarily want a glammed up, dolled up supermodel girlfriend or wife. Yes, looks are important for men but good looks do nothing more than get you through the door. They don’t guarantee a successful relationship. Believe it or not, most guys just want a cute, confident, independent girl.

Get your head firmly around this – men are not crazy about cold bitchy women with a trillion Instagram followers. They might want to sleep with these girls since it gives them social validation – but that’s about it. Remember, getting a man to sleep with you is easy; making him commit to you is the hard part.

If your goal is having a ton of one night stands, that’s easy; just wear tons of makeup, 6 inch heels and micro-mini outfits. However, if you want to have a meaningful relationship with the man of your dreams, you should focus on really fine tuning these traits that men DO find irresistibly attractive.  Read on to find out what men secretly want!

Try These 6 Things and You’ll Find What Men Find Attractive is YOU!

1) Create a happy, fulfilling life:

What Men Find Attractive

A woman who loves her life exudes an aura of confidence.

Her smile is infectious, her eyes have that elusive twinkle, her step has a certain spring to it. Her skin glows and men seem to come up to her and compliment her wherever she goes! If you don’t like your life – what really do you have to offer other than your body?

Try these things and I guarantee you’ll see a change:

  1. Change your job if it sucks.
  2. Lose weight if you feel insecure about the way you look.
  3. Buy some cute outfits and a new purse or shoes.
  4. Get rid of the people who bring you down and get to know highly driven individuals whom you can learn from.
  5. Engage in a constructive hobby instead of wasting hours of your time on facebook, snapchat etc.
  6. Travel the world, learn to play the guitar, take up origami! You get the idea!

Understand this; If all you think about is attracting men (without making changes to your lifestyle) – you will never ever be able to get a high value man. Even if you do manage to attract one – you’ll be constantly worried about him leaving you and ultimately that’s exactly what’ll happen. Men don’t want a sad, depressed, jittery, insecure, anxious girl with no life. They want a woman who is cool, composed and has her life well organised!

2) Be Spontaneous!

Spontaneous woman

Many women put on these fake masks while interacting with guys. I like to call them bitch-shields. I don’t blame women for it – society has taught us that men hate emotional women and so we think that acting cold and aloof is the key to appear attractive to men.

Well guess what – Nothing is farther from the truth!

In reality, men simply cannot resist a woman who is spontaneous, down to earth and doesn’t care to much about impressing others. A woman who can express herself without fear of being judged is perceived as very attractive. These women are the trendsetters – they lead rather than following blindly. In other words – they are alpha!

3) Be sensual: Don’t be boring in bed!

woman in bed

Men have tremendous pressure to perform in bed and most (not all) men go to great lengths to satisfy their partner. They learn new moves, they hone their technique and make sure that the woman orgasms before them (again, I said not all men, LOL). While some women are great in bed too – very few actively try to make the sex better. They rarely take the initiative and are not keen on trying new things (positions, toys etc.)

Men might want you to behave like a lady in a social setting. However, in bed – they like it when you totally let go of your inhibitions and behave like a slut! If you can please a man in bed, he is highly unlikely to cheat on you. In fact, you will be the only one who can completely satisfy him. You will be his only fix – he’ll become addicted to you.

4) Be independent: Emotionally and financially.

When you become dependent on a man – for money or emotionally – you surrender your power. In a sense, the man feels that he has won you over. Remember, attraction is in the chase. If you remain independent, he remains attracted to you because he knows that you still have plenty of options.

5) Get in shape: Don’t even do it for the men. Do it for you!

girl at gym
You’ll feel sexy, confident, healthy and attractive. As mentioned earlier, good looks are not everything but they surely give you an edge. You simply cannot ignore the fact that evolution has programmed men to elope with healthy women who can give them healthy babies. Sounds animalistic, I know. But you can’t run from the truth – so accept it!

Last but not the least, if you don’t already know how – learn to drive (bonus points if you drive stick/manual)! Grown men act like little boys around a woman who can drive well. You get brownie points if you know how to change a tire.