What Men Want In A Woman? (But Probably Won’t Tell You)

What Men Want In A Woman

Wondering what men want in a woman?

The answer to your question is in fact very simple. So let’s get straight to it without beating around the bush!

The 4 Things (Most) Men Want in a Woman:

1) Every man wants a woman who makes him feel masculine!

Today, women are taking charge of their lives – we are making momentous progress and absolutely crushing it at the workplace.

Women hold key positions in public and corporate offices – weplay important, dominant roles in society. Weare leaders and visionaries. All this is absolutely phenomenal for humankind. However, women are so used to taking charge and leading that we often act the same way in their relationships. Then wewonder why the only guys who are willing to stick around are totally wussies.

I know that I am treading on a very thin line here – since the subject is highly controversial and will spark an emotional response from many women. But before you begin emailing me about how deluded and wrong I am, bear with me for a minute.

I am not telling you to blindly submit to men – I am simply encouraging you to embrace their feminine side. I want to assure them is OK to be feminine!

There was a time when feminists played an integral role in the upliftment of women. However, today they have nothing much to do and so they keep annoying people and misleading and confusing society.

Understand that evolution has programmed the female mind to be attracted only to dominant alpha males with strong leadership qualities (there are a few exceptions). So let the man take charge instead fighting your natural instincts and antagonizing him even though you really don’t want to.

Try these things and see what kind of reaction you get:

  • Let him plan the weekend – let him be chivalrous.
  • Dress sensuously instead of wearing baggy pants all the time.
  • Ask for his help even though you are perfectly capable of accomplishing the task yourself.
  • Let him open the door for you.
  • Compliment him on his strength if he is moving heavy furniture around the house.

Do nice things for him – don’t nag him incessantly.

If you try to challenge him over and over, he’ll detect some kind of discord in you and may just dump you on the spot. As a result –  you’ll become even more bitter and unhappy. Some submissive men might be willing to put up with you – but they probably won’t be able to make you feel like a woman!

2) Men want a woman who is playful and happy:

If you’re miserable now, there is absolutely no guarantee that a relationship will make your life any better. You HAVE to invest in yourself and build at least a moderately interesting life.

If a guy asks you something like – what do you do for fun?

And you reply with something like – I don’t really have time for fun; you’re really turning him off.

In his mind, he’s probably saying not so nice things about you. If you’re overly beautiful – he might tolerate your stupidity just to get in your pants but that’s about it.

Men don’t want depressed women – they like women who know how to have fun! Choosing a right partner is one of the most important and serious decisions of your life – but you cannot act as if you are in a board meeting when you are out with a guy. You have to be willing to do silly things and live in the moment a little bit.

3) Men want a woman who can communicate her needs and desires without creating unnecessary drama.

Men respond to problems by trying to find logical solutions. Women respond to them by being emotional. This does not meet that men are incapable of feeling emotion and women are incapable of being logical. But even modern scientific data categorically proves that women are more emotional and men are more logical. Moreover, many women get into the habit of simply talking and complaining about their problems instead of taking active measures to eliminate them. Pay very close attention – If you want a man to understand what you want to communicate – you have to tell it to him in a way that he understands – and men understand logic.

Even during arguments – you have to keep your cool and try and be logical. This will produce much better results than simply blowing your top off and giving him a piece of your mind.

Here’s a simple example: Say you’re pissed off at your man for not doing the dishes. You can scream, yell and blame and shame him. However, all this will have little effect on him – he’ll simply perceive you as an obnoxious problem disturbing him from watching TV.

Here is a better idea – you can calmly tell him that dirty dishes act as breeding ground for harmful disease causing bacteria. So if he doesn’t want the kids (or you) to fall ill, he should do them on time and not let them pile up in the sink. The next time he is about to leave a dirty plate in the sink – he will remember the logical consequence of doing so and will clean the plate or at least put it in the dishwasher.  A bit over the top yes, BUT it works 9 out of 10 times! 🙂

4) Last but not the least; men want a woman who likes herself.

Understand that no matter your looks or body type – there are men out there who will go crazy about you.

The most important thing is that you feel good in your own skin. And yes, you have to learn to be good in bed too – but that’s fun, isn’t it?