Why Does He Ignore Me?

Why Does He Ignore Me? That may be the question of the century, but I believe I have the answer if you’ll listen.

Let’s face it ladies, we (as women) are used to being chased after and hit on by men pretty much at any given time of the day or night. Even an ‘average’ looking girl gets hit on multiple times by men if she goes to a club, party or social event. Girls quickly learn how to handle being pursued, how to play hard to get and how to give men shit tests.

Why Does He Ignore Me?

However, and pay attention here, women are totally out of their element with guys who ignore them and don’t seek their approval and validation.

This can be especially frustrating if they’re in a relationship with that guy:

  1. Has your man been a little distant lately?
  2. Do guys seem to ignore you even though you take care of your appearance and make an effort to be social and friendly?

Read on to learn more about the various reasons why he’s ignoring you, and how to fix it:

Why Does He Ignore Me?

1) He’s just busy: If you are dating this guy, there’s a good chance that he is employed and has an active social life – assuming you have high standards! Even though he wants to spend time with you, he’s probably busy with an important project at work or making preparations for his friend’s wedding party (or playing GTA5 ). If this is the case – don’t sweat it out too much. Be normal, don’t freak out and relax. Ask him when he has a little bit of free time and take him out on a fun date or mini-vacation.

2) He needs some breathing room! Women tend to smother guys with love, care and attention. Big boys need to be left alone once in a while – they need to chill out with their buddies without being interrupted. Men are very direct in their approach towards everything – they are not huge fans of texting all day (that’s girl stuff). So don’t take it personally if he’s not replying to your texts immediately. Maybe he just wants a breather – some alone time to contemplate about his life. You should take a breather too.

3) He is gaming you! If the guy usually takes the lead and initiates conversations but has gone cold, he is probably doing so in the hopes that you will miss him and chase him. In such a scenario, you should contact him – he needs to feel like he is winning at least a little bit or else he’ll get discouraged. However, contact him in a way that doesn’t require him to respond. Send him a funny video or tell him to have a nice weekend – even a simple good morning is sufficient. This way, you don’t give your power away but he still feels validated since you reached out to him.

4) He might have lost interest: A strong possibility if he has been ignoring you even after you’ve made repeated attempts to get in touch and connect with him. In this case, there’s not much that you can do to win back his affection. The idea is to remain calm and continue with your life and initiate contact only in a non-committal way. There is no point in pursuing a man who has no interest in you. You should seriously consider moving on. However, if you really want him back – you should break contact totally and re-initiate through a dynamic, positive interaction! The lesser you need him, the more chances you have of getting him back.

5) He’s in a bad mood: Some people are very vocal when they upset or angry. Others keep to themselves and ride it out until the anger or despair subsides! Talk to him but don’t be too pushy or else you might aggravate the situation. He’ll act normal again once he is over whatever is bothering him.

6) His friends are telling him to ignore you: Everybody thinks that he/she is a relationship expert. Even people who fail miserably in their own relationships are keen on giving the ‘best’ advice to their friends, buddies and anybody else who doesn’t need it!

People say stuff like – ignore her, show her that you are above her and not desperate for her. People can brainwash a guy into behaving stupidly and making rash decisions. If your man is grounded – he’ll laugh it off and not discuss relationships in detail with his friends.

However, if his beer buddies know all about his love life, you have a problem! This indicates that your guy is not mature or he doesn’t respect you too much. You can try to talk some sense into him but do it in a non-confrontational manner.

This scenario is hard actually – because there is no way you can confirm that his friends are affecting his attitude t. Which is why I recommend that you test out a guy thoroughly before making a commitment and getting emotionally involved. Take it easy in the beginning – this gives you a chance to judge his true nature and character.

7) There are a million other reasons – you are too easy, he has something more exciting going on in his life or maybe he is in love with you but is scared of commitment (all men are to a degree)

Every relationship has good and bad periods – don’t freak out if you are going through a dry spell. Once a man senses that you can handle his temporary withdrawal without going berserk, he will cherish and respect you even more!

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