The Language of Desire Review & Members Area Tour

The Language of Desire is  HOT steamy new guide by relationship expert Felicity Keith, in Collaboration with Michael Fiore of Digital Romance Inc.

Originally, the plan was for it to simple be a “How to Talk Dirty to your Man” program to help women dig deeper and understand how men think from an erotic perspective.  Eventually though, it became much much more and evolved into the product we have today.

Using the ‘tricks’ and techniques taught in this program, women will learn how to TRULY understand men’s minds from a ‘sexy time’ perspective and TRULY take control of a mans sex drive so EVERY single dirty thought that went through his mind that day is focused 100% on her!

So What’s Inside of it? (I Got it So I Can Show You!)

As promised, I purchased The Language of Desire myself so I could study and dissect it and give you the REAL information on what’s inside.  In my Review, I will show you EVERYTHING you want to know about it – but FIRST:

Here’s what’s inside the Members Area of The Language of Desire

The Language of Desire Members Area

The Language of Desire is broken down into a few areas:

  1. 10 individual Training modules.
    1. Each of the modules has multiple lessons and worksheets you can download and work through.
  2. Bonus Content: – In this section you get FREE access to 3 MORE courses:
  3. Success Stories – Admit it, we ALL love to read these!  Michael has been getting TONS of positive feedback from his LOD course, and you can read plenty of that here and even submit your OWN!

Let’s have a look at each of the individual sections a big deeper:

 The Main LOD Course (10 Modules)The Language of Desire Review

  1. Module One: The Introduction
    1. The introduction is just that, the introduction and explains who the author, Felicity Keith is: a suburban mom, actually, who discovered that being sexy doesn’t mean having to be a slut.
  2. Module Two: Become a Sexual Superwoman
    1. Learn to dump your fear over the “slut” label
    2. Determine your sexual boundaries
    3. Discover your growl-inducing Madonna Moan
  3. Module Three: Loving Man’s Best Friend (hint: it’s not his dog)
    1. Understand the secrets of his sex drive
    2. Learn why his penis is so important to him
    3. Rethink pornography (this one is controversial!)
    4. Learn The Porn Destroyer
  4. Module Four: Brain Chemistry and Sex
    1. Explore how desire and sex work with our primitive brain
    2. Using the potent Cuddle Hormone technique
    3. Have fun with Pavlov’s Erection technique
    4. Learn the power of Sexual Singularity
  5. Module Five: Create an Erotic Action Movie
    1. Make him the star of your own sexy movie script
    2. Writing your script step by step
    3. Learn a variety of ways to share your movie with him
  6. Module Six: Desire Intensifiers
    1. Masterfully crank up the sexual heat
    2. Make him pant with desire with the Tease Intensifier
    3. Learn a blow job to blow his mind with the Oral Intensifier
    4. Snap “him” to attention with Verbal Viagra
  7. Module Seven: For the Single Ladies
    1. Use dirty talk effectively when dating
    2. Get him to commit with the Monogamous Male Maximizer
    3. How to go from Friend-Zone to Fantasy Girl
  8. Module Eight: Getting Your Fantasies Met
    1. Planting desire seeds
    2. Have dirty fun with The Lust Mirror technique
    3. Practically read his mind using Erotic Telepathy
    4. Make him your hero with the Romance Rotator
    5. Explore your kinky side with 50 Shades of Experimenting
  9. Module Nine: When “Sex” Isn’t Possible
    1. Getting around life’s sexual obstacle course
    2. Learn how to be dirty from a distance
    3. Use the No Touch Lay to keep things hot
    4. Learn about the Invisible Chastity Belt (it’s more fun than it sounds)
  10. Module Ten: Master Class
    1. What if he’s a cold fish
    2. Overcome objections
    3. Fine-tune your technique
    4. Plan out your dirty deeds

On TOP of this, you’ll receive an email from Felicity each day with that day’s lesson & even daily assignments!

The Work Sheets (Yes, you have homework!)

Each module of the program has between 1 and 3 PDF worksheets for you to download and fill out.   They ask you self awareness questions designed to help you discover what you’re REALLY looking for.

You might be asked to answer (to yourself only) such things such as:

  • Songs/music that turns me on:
  • Books/movies that I find hot:
  • People (celebs, musicians, athletes, authors) who I find totally sexy:

These are different based on the worksheets you’re in, as each module is different and has you learning & discovering new things.

The Bonus Content

As mentioned above, In this section you get FREE access to 3 MORE courses:

  1. Silent Seduction – Now that you’ve gotten comfortable with verbal forms of seduction, you’re going to learn some non-verbal ways to draw your man closer and turn him on….
  2. Done For You Texts –  Here are over 200 sexy text messages and conversation starters for you to use. They range from sweet to saucy.
  3. Unstoppable Confidence – This is a MP3 Recorded Internet as well as a PDF of an interview Michael Fiore did with relationship expert Michael Griswold.  If you want to have UNSTOPPABLE confidence, this is a must have addition to the program!

My The Language of Desire Review:

To sum it up, my friend and dating coach Marni Kinrys said THIS about it:

All I Can Say Is WOW!!”
“The Language Of Desire is AWESOME.  It doesn’t feel slimy and sleazy like other sex advice products. This one actually showed me a way that I can tap into my sexual and sensual side without coming across as a slut.  Felicity gets down to the nitty gritty, cuts out the fluff and totally delivers quality advice that I could use instantly. IN FACT, I just used one of her tips from Module 5 on the element of surprise on my husband this afternoon and all i can say is WOW   Big thumbs up from me on this product.”

Marni Kinrys – Dating Expert & Host of The Ask Women Podcast

I have to say, I agree with Marni 100%

I reviewed the ENTIRE course, and not ONCE did I feel they were just wasting my time or filling it with fluff.  They gave you actionable information that you can use that DAY, and even some homework to try if you know what I mean ?

I’m not going to sit here and fill your head with lies, making a relationship fun and sexy DOES take work.  HOWEVER, using the simple tricks in the Language of Desire – it’s quite easy to go from boring to sexy time pretty quickly. 🙂

I highly recommend you pick this one up, I did – and I will be using the knowledge gained for some time to come!

(By the way, you HAVE to try the ‘invisible chastity belt’ with your boyfriend/husband/man from module 9, it’s just…”wow!”)

To sum it up, If you want to get into your husband or boyfriends mind with dirty talk and NOT feel like a slut at the same time, this is definitely for you!

Trust me, you’ll learn How To Give A Man The Best Sex Of His Life . . . Without Even Touching Him!  Just wait until he DOES touch you!! LOL

Pick it up from their official website here: The Language of Desire

You’re welcome ?

All jokes aside, this is a fantastic course so please Let me know if you have ANY questions!