What Men Secretly Want Review

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Anywho – I’ll cut straight to the chase and answer the question on everybody’s mind:

Let’s take a look at ‘What Men Secretly Want’ about? (I got it so I can show you!)

What Men Secretly Want Members Area

What Men Secretly Want Members Area

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What is “What Men Secretly Want” all about?

First of all – you of course get access to the main book, What Men Secretly Want which is FILLED with amazing information that even impressed ME as a relationship coach.

The book can be read online, or you can even download a PDF and/or Audiobook of the entire course to take with you ‘on the go’!

Physical copies of the book area also available to members for a discounted price of $18.00, but honestly – just get the PDF and throw it into iBooks or your kindle reader & save your $18.00

Here’s a quick look at the table of contents from the book:

  • Part I The Respect Principle           What Men Secretly Want Book
    • A New World of Possibility
    • One Idea Can Transform Your Life
    • The Secret A+ Mindset
    • Side Note:A Roaring Fire Relationship
    • How to Adopt a New Empowering Belief
    • The Swish Pattern
    • How to Go After What You Want in Relationships
    • Side Note: Two Wolves
    • Two Essential Keys to Extraordinary Results with Men
    • The Invisible Influence of Respect in Relationships
    • The Difference That Makes All the Difference
    • “But I Don’t Disrespect Him!”
    • Side Note: Attracted to Fire
    • So What Can I Do About It?
    • He Craves Your Respect
    • What He Notices about Your Appearance
    • My Guy Doesn’t Seem to Care That Much about All This Respect Stuff
    • You Deserve the Best
    • How to Show Respect: Real-life Applications
    • When I Want Him to Choose Me and Get Off the Fence
    • Side Note: Acknowledge His Need to Impres
    • When He Misunderstands My Text
      • Side Note: Little Things Count
    • When I Want to Ask Him Out
      • Side Note: At the Edge of Forever
    • When I Want Him to Pursue Me with More Passion
    • The Master Key to Unlocking the Respect Principle
      • Side Note: The problem with letting your partner feel predictable
    • Why Respect is Not Automatic
  • Part II The Art of True Presence
    • Why Men Run Instead of Working Things Out Early in the Relationship
      • Side Note: Whispering the Truth
    • What Makes “That Cool Girl” Cool to Men?
    • What is a “Valued Direction” and How Can it Help Me with Dating?
    • How Do Valued Directions Help in Relationships?
      • Side Note: What Makes You Happy?
    • Become the Sort of Person You Want to Draw into Your Life
    • Why Men Experience Relationships Differently
    • Cultivating Magnetic Attraction
    • Get a Confidence Boost
    • Be Here Now
    • Find Your Off Switch
      • Side Note: I Can’t Wait!
    • Cultivate an Abundance Mindset
    • A Powerful Emotional Embrace
    • The Art of Intrigue and Balanced Pursuit
    • Build His Emotional Investment with Balanced Pursuit
    • The Magic of Romantic Tension
    • How to Create That Special Resonance with Complete Strangers
  • You Can Do This
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B

On top of this you ALSO get access to the Members only Discussion forum where you can ask questions, get (and give) advice & get to know other members of this program!  Very cool, and 100% private!

What Men Secretly Want Review

My What Men Secretly Want Review – Is it Worth It?

Honestly, YES it’s worth it.  The book is 93 pages of no-fluff & no BS solid relationship advice that I’d recommend to ANY woman, regardless of the stage of a relationship she’s in (or wants to be in).

Shoot, my husband even read it and learned a few things about himself! LOL (No, I’m Not Kidding).

The first 82 pages of the book are the bulk of it (parts 1 & 2) and can be read easily in an afternoon.

Once you’re done with the MAIN part of the book, be sure to check out “you can do this” as well as Appendix’s A & B.

The ‘You Can Do This’ portion is really more about having the right mindset in order to do whatever it takes to make your relationship succeed.  There’s nothing cheesy or ‘new age’ about this, just quality & motivational information that helps you get into the right mentality.

For example; I believe in you. It’s nice when someone says that to you, isn’t it? But what does it really mean? They believe you exist? Of course not. They’re saying they believe in your ability to achieve something, or they are saying they believe in your general goodness and value.

In a way, when someone says “I believe in you,” they are practicing the art of positive thinking. They are choosing to believe the best. It feels good when you are the recipient of that faith.

See what I mean? 🙂


Appendix A takes up the remaining 10 pages, and goes into some Frequently Asked questions that James gets about the guide & relationships in general. I HIGHLY recommend you read this portion of the book as it really helps to reaffirm that you’ve made the right choice.

A few of the questions covered are:

  1. Is this for Real?
  2. Does it work for men of all personality types?
  3. What if he just gets a big head instead of feeling loved?
  4. And quite a few more ‘eye-opening’ things you may very well be asking yourself as you read through the guide!


Appendix B is a series of VIDEOS also included for free with your purchase.  It’s called “The Four Methods of Rapid Bonding” and available for you in the members area.  

To sum it all up…

In my honest opinion, this course truly takes the time & effort and actually explains the SINGLE most critical thing to any man when it comes to having a relationship – and it over-delivers big time.

Believe it or not, guys truly are more complicated than we have been led to believe, but on the other hand – they’re also much easier to understand than we like to give them credit for.

Essentially, James shows you what you or ANY woman can do to set off this emotion in your guy to bring him closer to you and almost make him ADDICTED to you for the long term, but not in the creepy stalker sorta way (eek!)

What I loved the MOST about this book is that it’s really nothing manipulative.

It’s a basic human need that is actually MUCH more important to men than it is to women, which is WHY we women often overlook this – and sometimes accidentally send great guys running (oops!).

I honestly could not get ENOUGH of this course,  I learned quite a few new things that are easy to do for ANY woman that I have not heard before – and I even used a few on my husband.

Guess what, they worked 😉

(Just don’t tell him! LOL)

All in all – I fully recommend you pick up ‘What Men Secretly Want’  I first came across it in 2014, and to this day it’s STILL one of my favorite relationship e-books geared towards women.

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Thank me later 🙂